Hoe zorgen we ervoor dat iedereen kan meedoen in Brussel?

Provide newcomers with information about inburgering, courses and training as soon as possible


I can say without a doubt that one of the biggest challenges I have faced is finding the information readily available so that I am aware of what the opportunities are and how to go about taking advantage of them in order to improve myself. The only reason that I was able to take the "INBURGERING" was that I came across it by accident while looking at the Brussels city webpage and then doing google searches. The information given in this 7 week course was invaluable and made me much more aware of what resources are available from the Flemish Government and how one might go about accessing them. The main point here is that the information was not initially readily available. Suggestion: when new people arrive to settle in Belgium they must visit a commune almost immediately to register. Perhaps at this time they are given a piece of paper or another means (perhaps posters) where they are provided with the links or contact info for the Huis van het Nederlands as an example.