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Stadspiratie, a unique and accessible participation programme

Together with three inhabitants of Brussels, VGC Board members Elke Van den Brandt, Sven Gatz and Pascal Smet launched “Stadspiratie”, a unique and innovative participation programme that gives residents of Brussels a say in how the VGC's multi-year plan is structured. ‘We make policy not only for but also with our city's inhabitants. Citizens, businesses and local authorities collaborate with us on the composition of our strategic multi-year plan. This is what Stadspiratie is all about’, the Board members explain.

Through Stadspiratie, the VGC Board wants to give people from Brussels the opportunity to share their inspiration with regard to VGC policy, while also creating broader public support for future policy and providing various stakeholders a platform to exchange ideas and to network. This takes place through an extensive programme of engagement and participation that runs until the end of December.

With this unique programme, the VGC Board aims to reach as many target groups as possible, so that it specifically reflects the diversity of the Brussels population.

All the ideas will be discussed by a panel of 150 local residents during the next “Brussels Day”, planned for 6 June. The VGC Board will then set to work with these results. A feedback consultation will then be held in the autumn, during which the selected proposals will be presented within the context of the multi-year plan. For more information, visit www.stadspiratie.be.

(On the photo: Mr Jad Zeitouni presenting his idea)