Vivre sainement

Comment pouvons-nous vivre plus sainement à Bruxelles?

Group aerobics or yoga classes in the pedestrian zone in the city center


After 5 years here, the only thing I know for sure that if you want to get fit then "Basic Fit" is your most readily available option. This is insufficient. Posters around the city (other than the marathon which is well advertised), mailings in mailboxes, info available on city park websites etc. An example: the new city centre revitalization has made a large area now available at De Brouckere, between the Hotel Metropole and the UGC cinema; perhaps 1 x week, or 2 x month etc there could be a group aerobics or yoga class? It would do a big job in advertising because it is such a well travelled area and visually it might well encourage others to get involved. I think it would be a big success and likely could be expanded to commune parks/area.