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Improvement in safety urgently needed


Some issues that many people noticed and there is nothing being done about so far: -people being harrast on the street, public transport or in a park. This can be a harassment by a group, by teenagers, by a person with a big dog without a leash, etc... For example it happened to me numerous times that I found a nice quiet place in a park with a small baby to sleep in the stroller and young kids came over and start being very loud. When I asked them to keep it quiet and pointed to the baby they started to laugh and got even worse. Another time I was sitting on the grass and a group of young teenagers came and started to very aggressively kick a ball in our direction until it hit me (as I was covering the baby) and in the end we and other families sitting around were forced to leave. (Jubelpark, Josaphat, Leopolds Park) -young people kicking cars in the street, rental equipment like bikes, scooters, or basically just kicking a ball to the cars