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Feeling safe in the city


Feeling safe in the city centre is a major issue that I hear from many people. The city has done a fantastic job over the last few years revitalizing the city centre with the pedestrian walkway, however the area around the Bourse is continuously filled with drunks, beggars an groups of loud and abusive people. The city should allocate police who walk or ride their bikes and are doing an active job in keeping this area safe for all residents and tourists. It leaves a black mark on Brussels. Rue Neuve - the city has resurfaced the entire street and it looks much better than it did before BUT you can't walk 15 meters without someone begging for money, or lay-ing/sitting in the middle of pedestrian traffic. It is a major detraction for many. Perhaps security/police/commune representatives are providing these people areas to go where they can be taken care of. I am aware that in Antwerp this has already been done and is successful.