Organise a discussion

What are people concerned about in Brussels? What do the residents of Brussels dream of? We want to gain an insight with Stadspiratie.

As a result of the coronavirus, in-person conversations about these issues throughout the city are no longer possible. That is why Stadspiratie is going online!

Would you like to collect some more ideas among your own audience or your team?

Great! You can do so in a variety of ways until 30 June.

  • Would you like to collect ideas offline (but at a safe distance): by phone, chat, conducting doorstep interviews, sending letters, etc.? Let us know what you are planning via and tell us what forms of support you could use.
  • Would you like to organise an online workshop with us for your audience? Choose one or more Stadspiratie themes, and we will provide support for you with our tools and guidance during your online workshop. Interested? Let us know, so we can contact you to discuss the options.

Are your participants not sufficiently fluent in Dutch? Let us know, and we can find a solution together.

  • Would you like to organise an online workshop by yourself? Let us know what you are planning and whether you need any kind of support.

Below you can read more about how we wished to organise Stadspiratie discussions among Brussels residents before the coronavirus overturned our lives. Perhaps that will give you inspiration for your own online activity. Or for the future. For we will continue in the years to come to work in a participatory manner, with as many Brussels residents as possible!


Discussion preparations

  • Would you like to invite people to participate in the discussion or want to announce your activity?
    Use the promotional material created by Stadspiratie.
  • Do you need extra equipment such as tables and chairs, a sound system, material for entertainment?
    Request it via our ‘uitleenloket’.
  • Are you looking for a suitable location for your discussion?
    Take a look at under ‘lokalen en zalen’.

When starting the discussion, give more information about Stadspiratie and the VGC. You can use the presentation sheet for this.

How much time do you have? How large is the group? Where are you organising a discussion? Who is your audience? These are all things that help determine the best way to organise the discussion. Below you'll find working methods for discussing ideas and techniques that allow everyone to share their ideas. Some working methods include worksheets for participants. Print the worksheets and the step-by-step plan, which can be used as a guide during the discussion.

Don't forget to make a report of your discussion. You can use this report document.

Make the discussion accessible

Sometimes language can be a barrier. That's why there are working methods that don't require too much language.

For some groups, it may be important to work with a confidant. Sometimes a one-on-one discussion is most appropriate. Choose a location where people feel relaxed and comfortable.

Choose a working method

Can you devote a lot of time? Then choose one of these methods. They take 1 to 2 hours.


Large group (more than 15 people)

Small group (less than 15 people)                   


World café

Open space





*These working methods are suitable for target groups for whom language can be a barrier.

You don't have much time? These working methods last less than one hour.


Large group (more than 15 people)

Small group (less than 15 people)


Idea carrousel

Discussion table


Brain writing (+10 years old)

Collage *

Interview method

Interview method (+10 years old)

Brainstorming with mood cards (6-12 years old)


*These working methods are suitable for target groups for whom language can be a barrier.

Come up with your own working method

You know your target group and the context better than anyone. Of course you are allowed to come up with your own working method. Just be sure to focus on the result: collect ideas for Brussels and share them on

Be inspired by party games and all kinds of building blocks, learning methods and games used by youth work, schools, socio-cultural work, etc. You'll find examples on:

Share the ideas after your discussion

  • Register yourself or your organisation on and submit your ideas.
  • Share your ideas on social media via to motivate others to think along and to submit ideas for Brussels.
  • Complete the report document and mail your report to

Download the report document and the presentation sheet.

Need some help?

If you are organising a Stadspiratie activity specifically for your target group, you can request logistical support.

If you have specific questions or need customised support, contact us via